Looks mean nothing.

Well here’s a topic that’s been on my heart:


Looks mean absolutely nothing when personality and heart is where it needs to be. What do I want in a man? Ambitious. Crazy in love with Jesus. Caring. Serving Christ. That’s all I want.

There’s so many good and wonderful people out there that aren’t given chances because of shallow standards. And that is terribly sad. I’m just so tired of everyone talking about how people look, that’s all everyone cares about. How skinny you are, how your nose is shaped..the standards people live by today in finding a mate is very sickening. I mean sure, we’re naturally going to be attracted to how people look, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what am I going to fall in love with? His looks, or his heart? I pray that you find a deeper understanding of what love really is, it goes deeper than outward appearance, and it sails through all of the little things about them and what makes them truly them. May we all come to understand this.

Lord, may my heart see through to the heart and never rest on appearance.


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