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Have you ever dreamt of something….hoping, believing, wishing that it could become your reality? You long to have this thing, this real and tangible thing..and for a second, you let yourself believe that it can be yours. Have you ever felt doubt? Doubt comes in many forms. It can fly in through your already-there insecurities. It can come in through people pointing out your weaknesses, or telling you that you can’t do what it is you desire to do.
Doubt is not a desirable feeling. It can cause you to let your fear take over your confidence.
But have you ever met someone who believes in you? They don’t look down on you for any reason. They don’t question your heart, they see. And somehow, though you were questioning whether or not you were strong enough, capable, or ready, they put hope in you.

These are the best kind of people. I have been blessed to know them, and now I desire to be one of them.


So much meaning to me in those 4 letters that come together to spell a word that holds out a hand to keep going for many. May you always know hope. May it be tangible for you, and may you always live in it.